I’m Eder Rengifo UI/UX designer founder of Jubox.me and co-founder of MotionPixels.co
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APRIL 12, 2014
Jubox.me 1.0 release
Today I release my first start-up!. Jubox.me is a tool to create playlists, share and discover (See a tour here). I’m exciting because this is my first startup with big plans. It’s just a first version, I’m working right now in design improves for a second version, so let me know your feedback here. Thanks!
FEBRUARY 1, 2014
Some of art
In 2012 I published a recopilation of minimalist poster about movies, you can see that here. Was a little success, many pages like Taxi or Efuzed share it. After almost 2 years I want release a second collection: Minimalist Movie Poster Vol II. Sometimes is fun try with other fields like illustration.
JANUARY 8, 2014
T3 App Update
Since the new iOS7 launch we and my partner were really interested to make improves on this app, and finally we can do it! Everything works as usual, but we made design improves in some elements, looks better now. I hope soon we can release another version with more features, or maybe another app, who knows...
DECEMBER 31, 2013
T3 App press
This app borns months ago, it's was a really fun process, me on design and Bryn Bodayle on development, we not even see our faces at this time! But after almost 15,000 paid downloads and be in a lot of publications (FastCoDesign, Phaidon, Taxi, Minimalissimo, Awwwards etc) Even on Esquire UK! I'm really greatfull with all that support.
FEBRUARY 19, 2013
T3, my first iOS app
Months ago I published a concept project about the classic Dieter Ram's T3 become an iOS app. Some weeks later Bryn sent me a message to develope it. After some adjustment and some rejection from apple, now we are proud to announce the release of the "T3 Player" app on the App Store, look a complete tour here.