Eder Rengifo

Product Designer / Manager

Things I Learned as Designer in Tech

(2021) - A collection of reflections of learned lessons in form of advise for new designers.

A personal project case study: Meetboard

(2018) - A case study for a small personal tool I made while learning Rails

Iterations in the Design Process

(2018) - Thoughts on the design process and the use of cycles for solutions improvement.

Notes on the Design In Tech Report 2018

(2018) - Highlights and personal notes on the last Design In Tech report.

The Design of Digital Forms : Looking for Negative Reactions in an Assembly

(2018) - Thoughts on the nature of the impact a solution has within the user’s context.

Outlining a JSON structure to centralize data for your Design System

(2017) - Experimenting with JSON files to pull data for a design system.

Designing interactive experiences

(2017) - Thoughts on the design of interactive experiences and the role of prototyping to build simulations.

Sketching a Design System with React-SketchApp

(2017) - Experimenting with react-sketch for the construction of a basic design system.